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26th-Jun-2009 01:09 pm - Icon Post #52.
Music : MCR | Foursome
{17 ICONS}
A Clockwork Orange


A Clockwork Orange



Screencaps courtesy of [Fanpop].

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25th-Jun-2009 02:00 am - Icon Post #51.
Music : MCR | Ray (Cat Woman)
I'm sure this movie has been ~iconned~ to hell, but idgaf.

{30 ICONS}
The Dark Knight
(1 referencing LOST)


screencaps courtesy of [Screen Musings]

*~! POST DEDICATED TO whaleteeth !~*

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24th-Jun-2009 06:30 pm - Icon Post #50.
Music : MCR | Foursome
{21 ICONS}
Arrested Development


screencaps courtesy of [Striped Wall]

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3rd-Feb-2009 01:39 am - Icon Post #49.
Music : MCR | Foursome
Oh my. Hello.
Long time, no see.

{40 ICONS}
[04] Kate Winslet
[02] Kate & Leo
[11] Dita Von Teese
[06] Twilight Twats
[08] MCR
[03] Lady GaGa
[06] Katy Perry


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3rd-Dec-2007 04:10 pm - ANNOUNCEMENT.
Music : MCR | Foursome
Hello members,

It has become aware to me that the host I was using for multiple images here at clockwork_arts have disappeared. I graciously linked a lot of you in codes, so that means the ones you are using are gone as well.

If you are experiencing this problem, please let me know. Describe which bar (or bars) you need again (try in a bit of detail since I have a lot saved.) I have virtually every colourbar I've ever made saved on my computer. I will reupload it and post the image along with the link to it here in the comments.

I apologize for the inconvenience! I'm really disheartened by the purging of images over at Greatest Journal. :(


PS: Icons in some posts here are missing, too. But I cannot for the life of me remember which ones go where (since GJ links consist of numbers, not words.) C'est la vie. :(
1st-Oct-2007 10:01 pm - Icon Post #48.
Music : MCR | touchy-feely
Hey! =]
Yay, finally a little inspired, moreso than the last post.
I guess I just need to get back into my groove. ^__^

33 Assorted My Chemical Romance icons


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20th-Aug-2007 03:11 am - Icon Post #47.
Music : MCR | Ray - sexy guitar
Long time no post, haha.
I've totally not had any ideas. But considering I'm really into My Chem this summer (more than before) I decided to try making icons again.

Here's a post of 12, dedicated to their awesome lead guitarist, Ray Toro.

Sorry for being gone for so long, guys!

12 Ray Toro (MCR) icons


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25th-Apr-2007 06:53 pm - Colourbar Post #16
Music : MCR | Foursome
Hey guys. I haven't posted since December. Sorry! :** But, here are some bars. I'll be posting more later.

NOTE: Greatest Journal has failed me as a server. It no longer supports uploading graphics, so I plese save the image to your computer/upload to your own server/paste the link where I've noted.

-> The Number 3, Marble Artwork, Underwater Colours, Singing/Voice, Romance/Passion

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Jessica ♥
10th-Dec-2006 02:18 am - Colourbar Post #15 & Icon Post #46.
Music : MCR | Foursome

-> The Dresden Dolls
[4 styles]

*NOTE: ONE PICTURE has some bare skin in it, but not full nudity.

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11 icons
[The Dresden Dolls]


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Jessica ♥
8th-Dec-2006 10:19 pm - Colourbar Post #14.
Music : MCR | Foursome
-> The Killers, Nature, Classic Hollywood Monsters, Disney Princesses, Eggs

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Jessica ♥
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