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Graphics made by crazy_clockwork.

Graphics made by crazy_clockwork.
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WELCOME TO clockwork_arts!

This is where you find all of the graphic arts I create from now on. No longer will I update: icons_c_c_, colourbars_c_c_, or headers_c_c_. THIS is the place to come to for all of my art! I will slowly begin transferring everything from my other journals into this one, logging them under the tags. So, if you just want icons, make sure to go into an icon post, and click the icon tag. That will bring up all of the icon posts I've made.

[x] Please credit all of my icons as: clockwork_arts. ;]

[x] Don't hotlink anything!

[x] Comment when you take something!

Thanks for coming and please join to show your support! Also, post this button to promote me! Thanks again. =]



I use a lot of resources when I make graphics. If you see something of yours in graphics of mine, and demand credit directly to it, I will add it. But you are on this list so that people can find your work because it's AWESOME!


VBrush. Hybrid-Genesis. Digital Bristle. Rebel Kitty. Spirit Sighs. _staynow. miggy. kamino. _joni. elli. alaskanicons. myrasis. jeweledicecream. ohpaintbrush. ingenu0us. gender. any_otherday. hauntedgraphics. zoologique. nv1978. sheld0n. amethystia. _blisse. meleada. lady_corsair. trex-ture. crazy_perfume. ashke_icons. lostluck_icons. colorfilter. graphical_love. 1greeneye. peachinparis. niqii. scarsonchest. mooglegirl. awmpdotnet. crystalkirk. fks_graphics. yumei_k. risha666. braggadocio. inobscuro. echoica. ewanism. radon_. ex-posed. icontain. rhythmique. _promenadeicons. diablo_dancer. lovelamp. peoplemachines. dactyliotheca. _excentric_. sanami276. toybirds.


*DISCLAIMER: Obviously, I don't claim any of these pictures/bases to be my own photographs/artwork (ie: movie stars or Disney characters...you get it.) I WISH that I could be so lucky as to be able to take credit for all of it, but alas, I'm not. All I can do is make lovely little icons/headers/colourbars for people to use on livejournal. Thus, I have this list of sources of places I get my pictures (which is constantly building as in the beginning of my graphic making [early June '05] I didn't really understand why you had to credit pictures.) If you happen to come upon this journal and see something that is yours, please let me know. Email me at crazyclockwork@gmail.com with a link to the site where your original photography/drawings/etc are found and and I will credit you directly in this section. I'm not here to cause trouble, only to spread my artwork and make people happy on livejournal. :) Thank you!

Depp Impact. Corbis. Johnny Depp Zone. Internet Movie Database.
Google Image Searches. Celebrities Zone. Fan-Sites(dot)org.
neuromancerwp. All Movie Photo. Black Film. Idol on Fox. Planet Zot. Harry Potter. ABC's LOST. Broadway World. The Mad Capper. dj_capslock. spitefairy @ cap_it. Vanessa Paradis. Scarlett Johansson. Arrested Development.


dafont.com. 1001freefonts.com. fontfoundry.com.
fontgarden.com. acidfonts.com. pootato.org.






fks_graphics. || amyrose_inc.
iconic_harmony. || randomicontest8.
bad__graphix. || famous_banners.
lostdographics. || mw_graphics.
all_graphics. || thisdelicateone.
fearful_icons. || _just_add_color.
colorblind_icon. || minoticons.
phoenixdragon06. || distels_dungeon.
rum_savvy. || xxunsinkable.
fadedblueness. || faded_design.
ooh1a1a. || phoenixothon.

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Tags I will be using: Icons, Colourbars, Headers, Textures, Tutorials


EST. 3/12/06